Innovation at Maddocks

Maddocks is committed to constantly improving the way we work with our clients. We do this by empowering our people to create ideas and drive change.

A Culture of Innovation

Our view is that innovation is key to creating solutions to difficult issues, that in turn add value to both our clients and Maddocks. Our innovation strategy, MaddX, provides our people with the tools and resources to generate ideas, experiment and then implement.

The aim of MaddX is to embed a culture of innovation across all of our offices and teams. This is manifested by our investment in the human-centered practice of design thinking.

More than 200 of our people have attended design thinking training. Staff are encouraged to lead and participate, while our clients are involved in collaboration efforts with us to help solve their business challenges.

In 2019 Maddocks convened MaddX Week, a program of over 30 events and activities across our three offices, featuring guest speakers, technology presentations and virtual reality experiences.

Creating products with purpose

Maddocks has created two online products for our property developments clients: Maddocks eContracts and Maddocks ePortfolio.

Maddocks eContracts is our electronic contract exchange, specifically tailored for the property development sector to deliver a smoother path to sales. The platform is trusted by developers and agents and approved by major banks, thanks to its clear and comprehensive audit trail.

As a data and analysis platform for our property development clients, Maddocks ePortfolio provides them with tracking, forecasting and real-time decision-making data. Over 200 of our clients have migrated to this platform, empowering them to make real time business decisions with timely and accurate data. The result for us is that our lawyers and law clerks’ time is freed up to focus on constructive work that adds value for our clients.

Fair Deal

A large volume of the work we do with Victorian local government clients is on the enterprise bargaining agreement process, a lengthy and complex program that requires significant legal intervention.

Our Fair Deal portal guides clients through the EBA processes and is the first of its kind for the Victorian local government sector.

Innovation, Big and Small

We look to our people to create and develop ideas to innovate. Over the past two years our people have suggested more than 100 ideas, with over 20 progressing into the next stages of experimentation or implementation.

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