Maddocks Women

We are committed to creating equal opportunity in the workplace. Founded in 1997, Maddocks Women spearheads significant initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion.

Equal opportunity for all

We’re extremely proud that our Maddocks Women initiative is such an important part of our firm’s culture.

It has significantly influenced the careers of many of our women lawyers and shared services people.

Maddocks Women was established in 1997 to increase participation in networking activities, business development sessions and mentoring.

The group also organises events to mark significant days in the calendar, such as International Women's Day which is held each year on 8 March.

The group is chaired by Maddocks partners Alicia Albury and Anna Scannell.

Listen to our Maddocks Women podcasts

Maddocks Women

Maddocks Women is more than programs and policies. It is also about telling the stories of women from all walks of life. Our Maddocks Women podcasts are conversations about experiences and issues. Listen here.

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