Meet Amelia French

Amelia joined Maddocks as a seasonal clerk in 2019 and completed the graduate program in 2020. Amelia is now a lawyer in the Commercial team.

What teams did you rotate through and what sort of work did you do?

As a seasonal clerk, I rotated through the Construction & Projects team and Commercial team. During my grad year, I rotated through the same teams as my clerkship because I had such a fantastic experience. For my third rotation, I chose the Employment, Safety & People (ESP) team because it was an area of law that I hadn’t been exposed to at university.

In the Construction & Projects team, I had the opportunity to work on high-profile construction disputes and complex contract negotiations. One of the highlights was attending a confidential arbitration, where I got to observe Queens Counsel Barristers in their element! I gained a lot of invaluable skills and knowledge from the highly regarded Senior Lawyers and Partners in the Construction & Projects team.

During my time in the ESP team, I worked on a wide range of matters involving unfair dismissals and general protections, employee misconduct and discrimination. I also got to get involved in drafting clauses for employment and volunteer contracts and advising government bodies on their obligations under legislation. I even had the opportunity to attend a Supreme Court of Appeal hearing which related to the interpretation of an employment contract. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in ESP and am so grateful for the connections I built within the team.

As a clerk and a graduate in the Commercial team, every task was completely different. One day, I would be reviewing a goods and services contract for a State government client, and the next I would be drafting submissions for the registration of a well known trade mark.

Some of the most interesting work I did as a grad in the Commercial team was researching tricky areas of the law and then analysing how this impacted the client. The Commercial team is a fantastic team to rotate through as a graduate because you get to work on many different areas of law involving a vast range of different types of clients.

How does Maddocks support you in your career?

Since day one, I knew Maddocks was the right firm for me. Everyone is incredibly friendly, supportive and down to earth and I instantly felt like it would be the best place for me to begin a successful career. The firm actively encourages you to be passionate about the work you are doing and provides many opportunities to learn and grow as a professional and a person. Some of the best learning experiences throughout my clerkship and graduate year were the regular training sessions and the opportunities to work closely with partners and senior lawyers who are experts in their field and invested in my success.

What advice would you give to a potential Maddocks Seasonal Clerk?

Make (not just take!) every opportunity, even if it means getting out of your comfort zone (did someone say networking?) Meeting and building rapport with people in the industry goes a long way to stand out from the crowd.

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