Meet Danielle Pettit

What's the best thing about working at Maddocks?

Maddocks prides itself on people and collaboration. The mentorship provided across all levels not only promotes personal and professional development in a supportive and constructive way, but makes coming into work extremely enjoyable and rewarding. Maddocks also encourages asking questions (including to senior lawyers and partners) and getting involved in all aspects of a matter.

How has your career developed in your time at Maddocks?

I started at Maddocks as a paralegal in the Healthcare team, to working as a graduate lawyer and am now a junior lawyer sitting in the Corporate & Commercial Team in the Sydney office.

During my time at Maddocks I have worked in four practice groups - Health, Corporate & Commercial, Public Law and Employment, Safety & People. As a result, I have worked under the stewardship of many leading lawyers which has allowed be to develop experiences, skills and interests across different areas of the law.

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