Meet Emily Peachey

Emily is a Lawyer at Maddocks, having recently completed the Graduate and Summer Clerk programs in Sydney.

Emily Peachey Maddocks Lawyer 2023

What teams were included in your firm rotation as a clerk?

As a clerk, I rotated through Public Law and Employment, Safety and People. Both of these teams are filled with excellent lawyers and generally wonderful people. Having caring and passionate people around me helped me learn numerous legal, analytical and interpersonal skills while I was in each team.

So many lawyers took time out of their days to teach me how to complete different legal tasks, which I am very grateful for. I gained so much confidence from this and consequently felt valued and capable of helping the team – even at such an early stage in my career.

I enjoyed the diversity of work that came with working in two different teams. At the beginning of my career, working in two different areas of law was invaluable in helping me decide what type of lawyer I wanted to be. I had the opportunity to think about important questions, such as what I like doing, why this task is so enjoyable, and why I prefer this type of law over another.

There is a benefit in a hands-on experience that studying at university or researching online cannot give you. The clerkship helped me identify what areas of law I loved the most and where I wanted to continue working as a graduate at Maddocks.

What teams have you worked with as a graduate?

As a graduate, I jumped back into Public Law and Employment Safety and People and also rotated through the Corporate Commercial team. In each team, I had an incredibly positive experience – always being taught, always learning, and always felt part of a team. In my time as a graduate, I feel like I have had five years of learning and growth in one short year, and that is a testament to the great culture that Maddocks has of raising young lawyers.

While in these teams, I have worked in both court-based and transactional matters. This has involved me attending court hearings, sitting in a board room as part of alternative dispute resolution, and helping draft clauses in a contract to assist in completing a big deal. This variety of work has made my days go quickly and allowed me to get a taste of the full spectrum of law that Maddocks operates in.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far during your time at Maddocks?

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned at Maddocks is not to rush. University deadlines, time-restricted exams and workloads train you to think that you have to do things quickly and have little time to reflect on what you have done and whether you are going in the right direction.

I have learned that it is valuable to stop, and reflect on your actions instead of rushing to a conclusion. By doing this, especially when thinking about the best way to complete a task, I came up with new ideas or changed how I would approach the task initially.

How has your career developed at Maddocks?

Maddocks cares about my career. By going through the clerkship and graduate programs, I have had numerous conversations with junior lawyers, all the way up to partners, about what I want my career to look like.

The guidance I have received has been invaluable and has helped me to navigate what I want my work life to look like. I have had opportunities to meet lawyers from other teams, other states and other firms, which has been a great ‘intro to networking’. As a graduate, networking is extremely beneficial, and it’s wonderful that Maddocks puts you in situations where you get to network at such an early stage in your career.

It has felt like every week, often every day, I am learning a new skill, a new area of law, or a new way of thinking. The way Maddocks does this is not overwhelming — it’s exciting! There is a wealth of lawyers around me to support me and help me when I need it. With this foundation, I look forward to my future career as a lawyer at Maddocks.

What’s the best thing about working at Maddocks?

The best thing about working at Maddocks is the people. The people that work at Maddocks are kind and encouraging and have given me great opportunities to learn. It is wonderful to be able to go to work knowing that you are working with great people who are not only excellent lawyers but enjoyable to work with and want you to succeed.

How did the Maddocks Clerkship set you up for success?

The clerkship allowed me to understand what areas of law I was interested in working in as a lawyer. I also got to meet some wonderful and intelligent people that gave me tasks and experiences that increased my legal skills. This was invaluable when I came back to Maddocks as a graduate, as I had a great foundation to work from.

What advice would you give a potential seasonal clerk?

I would say be yourself! Maddocks wants to hire authentic people who are passionate about law and can work well in a team. Maddocks wants you to bring your whole self to work, so don't be afraid about sharing what makes you unique.

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