Meet Joseph Fox

Joseph joined Maddocks as a graduate in 2021 and is now a lawyer in the Dispute Resolution & Litigation team.

What teams did you rotate through as a Graduate?

During my graduate year I rotated through the Dispute Resolution & Litigation, Commercial and Probity teams.

What has been your favourite part about working at Maddocks?

Apart from the incredibly interesting matters we get to work on each day, my favourite part about Maddocks has to be its culture. The firm truly values diversity and the unique perspectives of all its staff and encourages you to pursue the areas of law which spark your interest. I was really surprised as a graduate that I was able to work across several different practice areas (sometimes at the same time) and to this day I still feel comfortable asking questions or trying out new areas of law. There are constant opportunities for learning and Maddocks really emphasises your development as a lawyer. Maddocks is a firm which genuinely supports you to find your passion as a lawyer.

What advice would you give to a potential Maddocks Graduate?

As someone who joined the graduate program without having completed a clerkship and with limited legal experience I know how daunting the process of starting your legal career can be. If you are anything like me and felt a bit unsure of what areas to practice in then I could not recommend Maddocks enough. This is a firm that will trust you to take on big and exciting challenges, but will also understand that you may make mistakes as you are starting out in your legal career. The senior lawyers and partners will be there to guide you along the way. They genuinely care about your development and will quickly become mentors and close friends.

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