Meet Simone Luca

I first started at Maddocks as a summer clerk, and have since worked as a paralegal and as part of our graduate program.

What's the best thing about working at Maddocks?

In the time I have been at Maddocks I have found it really noticeable that no matter what team or group I happen to be working in, there is a real sense of community and support for me both as an individual and professionally. During the graduate year in particular I realised what a positive impact working in the supportive Maddocks environment has had on me, building my confidence in the workplace and with clients and bringing me out of my shell. Having spent time working at home due to COVID-19 has really highlighted to me how much I enjoy and look forward to coming into the office to see and be around the people I work with.

On top of this, I have relished the chance to work with so many of my senior colleagues who have been incredible in mentoring and pushing me by involving me in a variety of matters, giving me the opportunity to learn by doing, as well as taking the time to give considered feedback that I can use to become a better lawyer.

How has your career developed in your time at Maddocks?

I first started at Maddocks as a summer clerk, and have since worked as a paralegal and as part of our graduate program before recently settling as a first year lawyer in our Employment, Safety & People team.

Through my experience at Maddocks I have been able to sample a broad range of practice areas which has given me great exposure to different areas of law and has enabled me to make important decisions about what kind of lawyer I want to be. I have been able to work collaboratively with and learn from a variety of awesome lawyers at all levels of seniority, and I have taken those experiences and lessons with me as I start to build my career in the employment space.

From day one I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow, surrounded by supportive colleagues who care about my progress whether it be in technical legal skills, client-facing skills, business thinking or personal development. I’m excited to see how my career continues to develop supported by my team at Maddocks.

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