Meet Tara Dhanushkoti

What's the best thing about working at the firm and how has your career developed at Maddocks?

What’s the best thing about working at Maddocks?

Maddocks is a firm that embodies its core values. The culture at Maddocks sets it apart from other law firms – I feel fortunate to work in an environment where I am supported, feel valued, and am pushed to reach my full potential.

Maddocks offers junior lawyers the opportunity to work collaboratively on a daily basis with senior lawyers (including partners) on interesting, important and engaging matters. Every day at Maddocks is different! Due to the variety of work and our clients, I am constantly and consistently challenged, which helps me grow in these early stages of my legal career.

At Maddocks, there is a real focus on learning and development for each employee. From day one (as a summer clerk), the firm has provided me with countless opportunities to learn and experience new things. I have been supported by colleagues who are always happy to answer my questions, explain things to me, and who genuinely care about the development of my knowledge and my career as a lawyer, including my wellbeing.

How has your career developed in your time at Maddocks?

I started at Maddocks as a summer clerk, progressed to working as a paralegal, and am now a graduate lawyer in the Canberra office. Throughout my time at Maddocks, I have continually learned more about the legal profession, including developing my legal skills and knowledge. From day one, Maddocks provides junior lawyers the opportunity to interact with clients and work collaboratively on a daily basis with senior lawyer (including partners), which has helped me develop my technical legal skills, but also my client-interaction skills.

Since day one, I have been surrounded by the most supportive colleagues who care about me (which includes both my career and my wellbeing). This has allowed me to grow as a junior lawyer, both professionally and personally. This is especially because I have always been encouraged to ask questions, not fear making mistakes, think outside the box and give things a go!

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