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COVID-19 and healthcare

• 16 April 2020 • 0 min read
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The healthcare sector is at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, with significant pressure placed on healthcare workers and resources.

Commonwealth and state governments have made a range of decisions that affect the healthcare sector, ranging from social distancing requirements on aged care facilities to increasing the number of intensive care unit beds. The Healthcare sector team is tracking these developments and the impact they will have on healthcare providers.


Managing requests for personal information about staff or students from a health authority during the COVID-19 crisis

How should education institutions navigate requests for personal information from health authorities concerning their staff, students, and other business stakeholders, including customers and suppliers?

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Government announces new measures for aged care facilities in response to COVID-19

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the Federal Government’s latest response to COVID-19 which includes specific restrictions imposed on aged care facilities. Our Healthcare sector team looks at what this means for aged care providers.

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State Government restrictions on aged care facilities in response to COVID-19

In line with Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement on 18 March 2020 regarding ‘enhanced arrangements’ for residential aged care facilities, Australia’s States and Territories have begun implementing formal restrictions on access to those facilities. Our Healthcare team outlines the restrictions being applied in NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

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Understanding the legal framework behind the government’s public health response to COVID-19

Within a week of being declared a pandemic, 7 out of 8 Australian states and territories had declared an emergency and the Governor-General declared a human biosecurity emergency. These declarations reflect not only the severity of COVID-19 to human health, but also the far-reaching direct and indirect implications it has had and will continue to have on people and organisations throughout the world.

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