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COVID-19 and privacy

• 16 April 2020 • 0 min read
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While many unusual actions were required to be undertaken early in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the privacy laws continue to apply to public sector and private sector organisations.

We have provided resources below to assist with some of the most commonly asked questions and our team is also assisting organisations to respond to personal information data breaches with potentially serious consequences for the organisations and individuals involved. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team to discuss any issues your organisation may be dealing with and we would be very pleased to assist.


Responding to COVID-19: Is your company data secure?

Managing requests for personal information about staff or students from a health authority during the COVID-19 crisis

How should education institutions navigate requests for personal information from health authorities concerning their staff, students, and other business stakeholders, including customers and suppliers?

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Three major privacy developments your COVID-19 response team must consider

Our privacy experts share three major privacy developments your COVID-19 response team should be across. From breaking regulatory guidance, to increased security threats, this quick read will bring you up to speed on the latest privacy developments in this rapidly evolving space.

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