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Doing Business in Australia

By Ron Smooker, Stuart Napthali

• 10 March 2020 • 1 min read

Maddocks has produced Doing Business in Australia, a publication for organisations and individuals looking to invest in Australia.

Doing Business in Australia is a straightforward and informative guide that outlines the main legal and commercial issues that you need to be aware of when investing in Australia.

The growth in the Australian economy over the past 20 years has seen it become an increasingly popular destination for foreign investment. While much of the investment has been in mining and resources, the Australian economy has also been driven by investment in property and development, agribusiness, health and education services, professional services, and major infrastructure projects.

"Maddocks works with global clients wanting to invest into Australia, as well as Australian clients investing in opportunities overseas."

Michelle Dixon, Maddocks CEO

To this end, we have formed strategic alliances with Australian and international law firms to expand our business across international borders.

This means our partners regularly work with lawyers around the world on cross-border transactions and disputes and are well attuned to working co-operatively and cohesively in such situations. As a consequence, many of our lawyers have off-shore legal experience.

That is why we have a 135-year track record of working with our clients to help them navigate the ever-changing road ahead.

We have recently advised clients in North America, Asia and Europe. Find out more about our international experience.

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