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Extending digital services for Maddocks clients

• 27 October 2022 • 1 min read
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Maddocks continues to extend new digital services to its clients after engaging leading automation specialists Avvoka to assist with document automation and precedents requirements.

Avvoka’s end-to-end document automation platform uses an intuitive online template editor to produce documents. It will also enable Maddocks to build automated contract templates, and collaborate on documents in real-time allowing for fast updates and turnaround time for clients.

Maddocks Chief Information Officer Brad Kay said the addition of Avvoka will help to modernise some of the firm’s digital services for clients.

“Access to the new platform will not only make us faster but will better enable us to work in tandem with our clients, to adapt to their changing needs.”

Avvoka’s Head of Growth Giles Thompson said: “As a firm that continues to focus on the latest in innovation and finding new ways to deliver more to their clients, Avvoka is delighted to be working with Maddocks and offering the latest in document automation and supporting its client service evolution.”

About Maddocks

Maddocks is a proudly independent Australian law firm that works closely with corporations, businesses and governments throughout Australia and internationally. We advise national and international clients across infrastructure and development, and the education, government, healthcare, and technology sectors, from our Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney offices. Our specialist expertise includes dispute resolution and litigation, employment and safety, financial services, franchising and insolvency.

For more information:

Lisa Macnamara
Head of Communications
Tel: 02 9291 6114
[email protected]

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