Zoe Bramley

Senior Associate

About Zoe

Zoe has over 12 years’ experience in work, health and safety law, criminal law, child protection law and commercial law, having practiced in both the public and private sectors of NSW and the NT. With over 8 years' experience at SafeWork NSW, Zoe is a specialist work health and safety lawyer. Zoe's clients appreciate her ability to provide high quality, independent, defensible and risk based legal advice based on sound judgment and legal reasoning. Zoe has worked with a diverse range of clients and stakeholders delivering superior client-focused legal services in a fast paced, tight deadline environment.


  • WHS incident response

    Zoe has provided advice to the NSW Safety Regulator on a wide range of workplace incidents, including fatalities in her 8 years at SafeWork NSW. Zoe has acquired highly technical knowledge relevant to a range of workplaces and maintains an up to date understanding of WHS legislation and guidance materials. Zoe has had extensive experience managing the conduct of litigation proceedings brought by the NSW Safety regulator for breaches of WHS legislation in relation to workplace incidents in the District Court and Local Court of NSW.

  • Workplace

    Zoe has advised on WHS workplace matters including high risk work licence requirements; WHS permit holders rights; Improvement and Prohibition notices, legislative interpretation and review and evidentiary issues.

  • Administrative Review

    Zoe has advised on and managed the conduct of proceedings before the Industrial Relations Commission and the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal on behalf of SafeWork NSW and the NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.

  • COVID-19 compliance

    Zoe has advised on incidents of non-compliance with COVID-19 related legislation including breaches of public health orders in NSW. Zoe has appeared in the Local Court on behalf of Liquor and Gaming NSW to enforce compliance with social distancing and capacity requirements at hotel venues during peak periods of the pandemic.

  • NSW Government

    As a solicitor in both the criminal law and child protection teams, Zoe has advised a range of NSW Government clients on behalf of the NSW Crown Solicitor.

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