Modern and creative solutions

Where Innovation meets the Law

Whether it’s delivering savings to your bottom line, reducing risk or simply making work a little easier, the Maddocks innovation team brings solutions designed to be modern and creative.

Maddocks Innovus is an innovation program built around a strategy of better
solutions tailored to our clients and people.

We have established a streamlined approach to identify, progress,
deliver and evaluate projects, and we provide the right results to make
a difference.

With a dedicated team that delivers modern outcomes to our clients and
our people, we have a proven track record of being creative and solutions-

And we have some fun along the way – our investment in tech hubs and
clinics, university collaborations, legal apps challenges and programs are
designed to inspire our staff to create a better way to do things.

Our integrated offering includes:

  • ‘Smart’ digital instruction forms
  • Client portals
  • Workflow tools
  • Problem discovery workshops
  • Due diligence tools
  • Market and trend analysis
  • Legal project management tools and techniques
  • Review platforms and workflows

Case studies

  • ePortfolio — simple and secure payments

    We expanded our e-portfolio platform to include a Direct Electronic Funds Transfer (DEFT) solution allowing our property clients to pay deposits on lots directly into the Trust account. This enables faster transaction matching, and eliminates the need for clients to manually send through evidence of payment.

  • Supreme Court Queensland

    In a matter in the Supreme Court of Queensland, our dedicated document review team used advanced e-discovery software and analytics to cost effectively streamline a large and very complex discovery process involving approximately 1.2 million documents.

    Technology Assisted Review techniques were applied to eliminate irrelevant documents and identify relevant documents. Benefits included completing a ‘cluster’ analysis.

  • AI enhanced contract review

    The latest in cutting edge technology, Kira Systems is an AI powered contract analysis and review platform that we are using to provide significant improvements in speed and consistency for our lawyers and contract reviewers.

    The platform extracts the text from contracts and other documents, and analyses the data using machine learning and natural language processing. Key clauses and other data points are highlighted and searchable for our lawyers to quickly navigate. Benefits include significantly faster review times of between 20 to 40 per cent and consistency for contract reviewers.

    The Innovus Process

    Experience our simple 12-step process mapping approach
    that will evaluate your project to deliver a tailored solution
    that will make a difference.

    Innovation leaders

    • Bettina Sheeran

      Bettina is a Partner and leads the Innovation function at Maddocks. She plays a critical role in client service delivery, focusing on the latest in legal solutions and design support to ensure our clients have access to the best in transformation support to make business easier.

    • Mitch Grant

      Mitch leads the firm’s legal operation functions. Working closely with our lawyers, client support services and technology functions, Mitch drives and develops the implementation of technology solutions and innovation design to Maddocks clients. He has a particular focus on process mapping and workflow design streams.

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