Alternative Dispute Resolution

Resolving claims before they reach a court of law is a cost-effective and efficient way to resolve disputes. That is why our Dispute Resolution & Litigation team is well versed in all forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Expertise

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is at the heart of our Dispute Resolution & Litigation practice, not an optional add-on. We are experienced in all forms of ADR, which provides greater flexibility, reduced costs and a more timely and amicable resolution four our clients.

We are committed to the principles that underlie the Civil Procedure Act and Model Litigant obligations and, as such, our government and corporate clients can be confident that we will deal with claims promptly, while keeping costs at a minimum.

Maddocks can advise on when mediation is required or should be considered as the first step in dispute resolution. Our lawyers ensure that our client retains control of the mediation process and its outcome, advising if and when to move to more formal resolution practices.

Commercial arbitration may be required under a contract or may be preferred when a private and binding decision is required, without the delays and formality associated with the court system.

Our lawyers are regularly engaged by parties in arbitration from inception to completion and are highly experienced in both domestic and international arbitration matters.

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