The process of resolving disputes between parties sometimes requires taking the case to a court of law. If so, we are always prepared to defend the interests of our clients.

Our Litigation Expertise

For some, disputes are a necessary element in successfully conducting their business. For others, disputes can divert time, energy and resources away from their core activities.

Our lawyers have a strong track record in providing sound and practical litigation advice to clients in the public and private sectors. This includes all three tiers of government and Australian and international organisations, as well as individuals who are dealing with Australian-based disputes or litigation proceedings.

We successfully represent clients from our key sectors and have advised on disputes relating to challenges to government decisions, investigations and inquiries, directors’ duties, shareholder disputes and environmental and land issues.

Our focus on these sectors means our lawyers have a deep understanding of the environments our clients operate in. We know the players, competitive drivers, issues and the language used – our advice is underpinned by this knowledge.

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