Property Development

To successfully navigate the complexities of property development, you need the support of lawyers who have a deep understanding of all issues that arise across the development cycle. Maddocks is proud to be a leading development team that knows the latest industry trends – and how to ensure projects run smoothly, even when complexities arise. We like to call it a “Total Solutions” approach for all development needs.

Our Property Development focus:

Unique sector focus – Maddocks is one of the few firms with a sector focused solely on the development industry. Developers partner with Maddocks for our highly specialist experience, our Total Solutions approach, Maddocks leading technology and deep industry knowledge and connections, which combine for an unrivalled client experience.

Total Solutions – Maddocks has a long-standing track record in development– regardless of asset class, our Total Solutions team of lawyers work together to manage all project legal needs – from planning, construction, property, project finance, tax, marketing and sales through to managing potential disputes. The Maddocks Total Solutions team anticipate issues and mitigate risks before they arise.

Technology and project management – We combine extensive project experience with cutting edge technology (Maddocks eContracts and Maddocks ePortfolio) and sophisticated project management methodologies to keep projects moving and manage unexpected challenges with speed and agility while providing exceptional service for our clients and their customers.

Business continuity – We’ll support you in navigating the increasingly complex regulatory environment surrounding your corporate structure and organisation. From advice on cyber security, employment issues and privacy requirements through to corporate regulation, you can rest assured that your lawyers know your industry and what is needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Maddocks Total Solutions

  • Asset acquisition0 Dand structuring

    Spending time and money on due diligence is critical, given the subsequent impact on asset value or project feasibility that may later manifest if thorough due diligence is not undertaken. We can help find solutions for key legal risks identified in all due diligence areas including planning and environment, tax rates and levies, physical due diligence, corporate history and structure, property title and leases.

  • Planning

    Understanding the key issues with the different acquisition instruments, and the optimal tax and corporate structure are complex areas to navigate when acquiring a development site or business or structuring a project. Add FIRB approval considerations on top and that is quite a mix to work through.

  • Sales and leasing

    Understanding the planning system when acquiring a site, whether a permitted site or one with no permit, and then being able to deal with planning issues as they arise on a project is no mean feat. Our experienced planning lawyers can guide you through the essentials for planning zones, planning permits, ICPs and DCPs and planning compensation.

  • Project delivery

    The backbone for any project. Projects in each sector, from residential to industrial to office, require different models – for example industrial and office may be leasing heavy, and residential relies more on sales. Our Total Solutions team can advise on contracts of sale, agreements for lease and leases as well as marketing projects and privacy.

  • Income realisation

    Time is money. Unlocking funding and then procuring a successful and timely build is critical. Our lawyers will help you with funding projects, including the negotiating of facility agreements. Our construction lawyers will help you deliver your build advising you on all construction issues including design and construct contracts, development agreements, infrastructure agreements and any disputes. We’ll help you manage your risk.

  • Site identification0 Dand due diligence

    Show me the money! It is important not to forget that the process involved to achieve contract settlements and the grant of leases is an important discipline in its own right, as any delays can cost. We’ll support your portfolio management, and guide you through the key steps to achieve successful contract settlements and the grant of leases.

  • Running your company

    While you focus on delivering successful projects, our Total Solutions team can support you in the smooth running of your organisation including commercial advice and contracts, employment, health and safety, general tax, managing cyber risk and data privacy and governance.

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