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Pro bono at Maddocks

At Maddocks, our purpose includes making a difference for our community. One of the ways we do this is by providing free legal services to enable access to justice and to promote the public interest.

Pro Bono is an integral part of our work at Maddocks and allows us to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Central to the firm’s pro bono strategy is an energised team of lawyers spanning all practice areas to support the pro bono program and make a difference.

The focus of our pro bono work includes the areas of homelessness; mental health; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; refugees and people seeking asylum; and the not-for-profit sector generally.

The pro bono community we support includes organisations working for the public good with limited resources, as well as individuals who cannot access justice without legal assistance.

Our commitment to pro bono work is reflected in our signing up to the National Pro Bono Target. Maddocks budgets for every one of its lawyers to complete their pro bono hours each year.

It is fundamental to our approach that our pro bono clients are serviced to the same professional and ethical standards, and levels of service and care, as paying clients.

Core values

Our ongoing commitment to pro bono work reflects our core values of integrity, and respect for the individual and diversity.

Commitment to human rights

Maddocks lawyers have a very strong commitment to human rights and social justice.

Access to justice

We are committed to access to justice. Every Australian should be able to exercise their legal rights and access justice, regardless of financial circumstances.

Rewarding opportunities

Pro bono work is rewarding, providing great opportunities for learning, development and client contact.

Client obligations

Maddocks has obligations to clients to complete a certain amount of pro bono work each year.

Australian Pro Bono Centre targets

Maddocks is a signatory to the National Pro Bono Target being 35 hours per year for full time lawyers.


Our FY23 Year in Review Report is here.

Pro Bono Partners

These are some of the wonderful organisations who we partner with as part of our pro bono practice.

  • Homeless Persons Legal Clinic (HPLS)

    Providing people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with practical legal assistance.

  • Refugee Legal

    Preparing visa applications and providing advice to refugees and people seeking asylum.

  • Women’s Property Initiatives

    Supporting an organisation whose core mission is to create new beginnings for women and children at risk of homelessness.

    • Black Dog Institute

      Supporting a mission to improve mental health and strengthen Maddocks’ cultural commitment to mental wellbeing.

    • Our Community

      Assisting a world-leading social enterprise that provides advice, tools and training for Australia’s 600,000 community groups and schools.

    • Indigenous Marathon Foundation

      Providing assistance to an organisation who is committed to supporting and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures, strength and achievements through running.

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