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Understanding employment law is crucial for every business, corporation, and government body in order to develop a strong culture and work practices that attract and retain employees and drive their organisational goals forward.

Our Employment, Remuneration & Benefits Expertise

At Maddocks, we’re firm believers that preventing and resolving issues requires a mixture of legal and business understanding.

Our employment law team knows that, in order to drive success by working together, we need to have a thorough and detailed knowledge of your organisation, combined with regular visits to get to know your people. This helps us gain in-depth knowledge which informs the clear solutions that suit your culture and organisational aims.

These solutions span strategic and practical advice, from employment law compliance to business culture and from recruitment to remuneration and benefits packages.

This includes the implementation of best practice equal opportunity policies for recruitment and employment, bolstering your appeal as an employer of choice, to mitigating risk presented by employee actions and legislative changes. Our employment law team also advises corporate and public bodies on remuneration and benefit packages, to ensure sufficient, reasonable and performance-related practices are implemented.

Our work extends to representing employers in a whole array of workplace issues, from unfair dismissal and general protections claims to enterprise agreements.

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