Listen to our lawyers in conversation on important issues facing our private and public sector clients

Explore our current and past short seasons of 'Maddocks on the Mic' podcasts on a wide range of topics - from employment law issues through to privacy in the public sector.

  • Day One Series

    Lawyers Sam Ejtemai and Sophie Edgar discuss all things clerkship and commercial law related, as well as asking all the questions they wish they had the answers to from Day One.

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  • Watchdog

    This podcast series takes a look at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s leading cases and activities in 2020 and predictions for the year ahead.

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  • Talking Workplaces

    This podcast series looks at a wide range of employment law issues relating to the modern workplace.

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  • The Future of Aged Care

    A series of podcasts on the findings and recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and how this will impact providers moving forward.

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  • Maddocks Pride

    This podcast series looks at the relevance of inclusion initiatives for clients.

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  • Privacy in Public

    The Australian Privacy Principles govern the standards, rights and obligations on the collection and use of data and information. These Principles cover both public and private sector organisations.

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  • Privacy as a Priority

    Privacy is a rapidly evolving area of law which requires businesses and public sector organisations to be diligent and transparent with how they handle information.

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