Built Environment

Built environment projects help power the Australian economy. Governments are looking to improve transport links between communities and are looking to the private sector to assist in delivering the vast array of amenities required to accommodate Australia’s growing population.

Our Built Environment Focus

The built environment sector is vital to facilitating Australia’s economic growth. From large-scale transport projects in road, rail, air and ports to boosting the supply of social housing stock, these major projects bridge gaps in Australia’s economic and social infrastructure.

At Maddocks, we represent government, sponsors, financiers, contractors, specialist subcontractors and major equipment suppliers, working closely with project participants to find legal solutions that smooth the way forward for their projects.

Our legal expertise is in advising on the commercial, technical and practical elements required to support the successful delivery of these projects that are crucial to Australia’s continuing economic development.

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  • "Australia has an ongoing need for development of new infrastructure across all sectors. We see all levels of government continuing to stimulate infrastructure development, whether funded by public monies or financed by the private sector"

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