Consumer Markets

Businesses selling consumer goods and services by operating local, national or international distribution networks need strategic, specialised advice to establish, grow and protect their operations.

Our expertise

Consumer goods and services businesses thrive on a multitude of opportunities when establishing or expanding their wholesale or retail distribution networks. These opportunities encompass the potential for successful franchise models, compliance with competition, consumer, and privacy laws, securing capital for growth, safeguarding intellectual property rights, and effectively managing and resolving disputes.

We collaborate with industries across the consumer market including motor vehicles and dealer networks; household FMCG; wellness, health and beauty, large format retailers, sports and entertainment; luxury goods; and food and beverage.

Our clients range from founders and entrepreneurs, angel investors, and private companies, through to listed multi-nationals and private equity funds.

This broad spectrum allows us to provide precise and commercially grounded strategic advice to new or established franchisors, businesses seeking expansion, founders seeking investment, or those considering exit strategies.

Our expertise in franchising enables us to guide clients through the entire process, recognising the unique nature of each franchise system and tailoring legal documentation accordingly. Likewise, for clients aiming to expand, we assist in selecting the most suitable expansion model to facilitate potential growth.

  • "Consumer markets are the core of economic growth, driven by the ever-changing desires and aspirations of people. They embody the dynamic interplay between supply and demand, fuelling innovation, competition, and ultimately shaping the fabric of our modern society"

    Greg Hipwell,
    Sector Leader – Consumer Markets

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