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State governments play a vital role in providing key programs and projects to constituents, while working in conjunction with the Commonwealth Government, local councils and the private sector.

Our Victorian State Government Focus

In order to support the fastest population growth in Australia, the Victorian State Government is focused on implementing a range of health, education and social service improvements, and delivering an ambitious transport infrastructure program.

The infrastructure program includes the Metro and West Gate Tunnels projects, the removal of rail crossings from key intersections across Melbourne and the widening of heavily used freeways. This agenda needs to be achieved while delivering important community services.

We advise Government departments and statutory authorities, ranging from high-level strategic policy advice and major infrastructure projects through to the vital procurement of technology and the day-to-day business of Government that keeps Victoria growing.

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  • "We enjoy finding practical solutions to support the Victorian Government to deliver key projects in the education, transport, health, water and emergency services areas for the benefit of all Victorians"

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