Cyber & Data Resilience

As reliance on cyber technologies increases and the ways that people communicate and shop online change, so too does our need to remain resilient against digital threats. Businesses preparing for the long run need to make sure their technology is best placed to tackle these threats.

Our Cyber & Data Resilience Expertise

The security and protection of data and technology platforms is not just an issues for your IT team. It is an issue crucial to protecting the data of your clients and, in turn, the reputation of your organisation.

At Maddocks, the Cyber & Data Resilience team advises clients on all aspects of the cyber resilience life cycle.

Our team includes experts in communications, technology, employment, corporate advisory, dispute resolution and public law. This enables us to offer well-rounded advice that is commercially sound.

We regularly advise on all facets of cyber-related ICT procurement, including during the scoping and approach-to-market phase, vetting supply chains for risk issues and due diligence on corporate structures. This includes, for example, data breach notification plans to assist in complying with data breach laws.

We also use our market expertise to develop, design or roll out internal policies, procedures, education and training materials that bring your cyber resistance plan to life.

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