Australia’s healthcare industry is facing unprecedented change and heightened scrutiny by the community and regulators. An ageing population, coupled with government regulatory and compliance requirements, will impact how public and private sector operators shape the provision of services for future generations.

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Extraordinary advances in technology are transforming the way healthcare is delivered. Yet for all that promise, many of the challenges faced by healthcare organisations remain distinctly human – navigating complexity, adapting to change and maintaining workforces that are capable, dynamic and resilient.

These challenges also include greater scrutiny of the way operators deliver their services. Healthcare organisations will face widespread pressure to action findings from Royal Commissions into Aged Care and Mental Health. These findings will impact the industry for years to come.

Given the growth potential from Australia’s ageing population, the sector is also experiencing increased market consolidation and strong investor demand for healthcare assets. Such demographic trends and technological change demand substantial investment in healthcare infrastructure. Healthcare expenditure remains a significant fiscal challenge for all levels of government.

We work with hospitals and health services, aged care service providers, private health insurers, therapeutic goods providers, disability services providers, universities, higher education providers and government at all levels on a wide range of commercial law matters.

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  • "The Aged Care Royal Commission will result in significant regulatory reform and changes to the sector, which aged care providers will need to be prepared to respond to"

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