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Our partnerships with Victorian councils reach back to the earliest days of the firm. We are relied on by councils to assist them to deliver key services to their communities in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Our Local Victorian Government Focus

Victoria has the highest population growth in Australia, with key growth corridors emanating from its capital. Councils, whether metropolitan, interface or rural, are focused on how to best invest in providing their communities with access to the services and infrastructure their constituents are demanding. They are expected to do this despite increased revenue pressure from rate capping.

These amenities span from council-run services, to local road upkeep and management, as well as waste collection. They also perform other crucial functions of government, like planning, building, developing and sharing best practice initiatives with other councils across the state.

Maddocks is deeply embedded in Victoria’s local government sector, having advised councils for more than 130 years.

For further information on our local government capabilities, sector insight and case studies, read more below.

  • "We are proud to work with the vast majority of Victorian councils to provide advice, advocacy and transactional assistance in areas ranging from administrative law and employment to multi-million dollar property redevelopments."

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