Technology continues to drive seismic change, particularly in the way we communicate and connect with each other. This means the law around key technology issues, such as data protection and the use of personal information, is moving fast to keep up.

Our Technology focus:

Our experience in the technology sector at Maddocks ranges from the procurement of hardware and software through to use and protection of the data these technologies produce and manage.

We work with technology, media and telecommunications clients across a range of issues, assisting them to transform their business and navigate change. We also advise a wider range of private and public sector clients on how they can use technology to deliver better products and services.

Protection against cybercrime continues to be a significant global challenge. New laws introduced internationally and within Australia have placed greater responsibility on governments and private organisations to better protect their data and that of their customers, or stakeholders. Our Cyber & Data Resilience team works with clients on these issues.

The role technology plays in business and commerce is also crucial. Introducing business critical systems and software, cloud technology, hardware and telecoms systems that businesses need can be difficult to implement if not procured with care and attention.

Our public and private sector clients range from those who are building and providing essential communications infrastructure and providing technology systems, to content creators and owners.

To understand our capabilities, review case studies of our work and read the latest legal insight from the sector, please see below.

  • "The demand for greater connectivity is driving the creation of new and improved networks, in particular the roll-out of small cells and 5G mobile networks."

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