Maddocks in the Community

We are committed to making a difference in our communities and returning what we can to those we serve. Whether it’s our enduring partnerships, sustainability practices or grants to community organisations, we recognises these genuine connections can lead to change with lasting social impact.

Trusted partnerships

We pride ourselves on our community relationships, built on trust, support and shared visions of giving back and creating a better future.

  • Supporting Community Organisations

    Each year, Maddocks supports organisations doing outstanding work in the communities in which they – and we – operate.

    The Maddocks Foundation funds important work by providing significant financial grants, while our Small Grants programs provides urgent funds to community organisations of which our people have a connection.

  • Towards Sustainability

    We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We do this in partnership with our people, our clients and suppliers.

    These initiatives range from reducing travel and a reduction in the use of paper to sourcing sustainable products from our suppliers.

    We are also proud to be an Executive Member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance, a group of law firms committed to promoting sustainable practices across the sector. Each year we report our progress to the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA).

  • Promoting ethical procurement

    We are committed to working with our suppliers to promote ethical procurement and sourcing.

    As part of this, we report annually on the work we do to eliminate modern slavery.

    The AusLSA Report 2023

    Read the Australian Legal Sector Alliance's annual report from 2023.

    • Taronga Zoo

      Maddocks is a Primary sponsor of Taronga Zoo, and Primary Sponsor of Taronga Foundation's contribution to conservation.

    • National Gallery of Australia

      Maddocks is proud to be a Major Partner for the Emily Kam Kngwarray exhibition, on display at the National Gallery of Australia from 22 December 2023 to 28 April 2024. We serve as the Legal Partner for the National Gallery, further strengthening our commitment to supporting arts and culture in Australia.

    • William Ah Ket Scholarship

      Maddocks sponsors the annual William Ah Ket Scholarship, an initiative fostered by the Asian Australian Lawyers Association to encourage more valuable discussion of equality and diversity in the law and legal profession.

      The scholarship is named in honour of William Ah Ket with whom Maddocks has a strong historical link. William completed his articled clerkship at Maddocks (then called Maddock, Johnson & Jamieson) in 1903 before joining the Bar in 1904. He is one of the first people of Chinese heritage to practise as a lawyer in Australia.

      • Sydney Festival

        Maddocks is a sponsor of the 2023 and 2024 Sydney Festival and serves as the official Festival Lawyers.

        Sydney Festival is an iconic and city-wide celebration of culture, creativity and the questioning mind and Maddocks is excited to contribute our support to the city of Sydney through the unique program of theatre, music, dance and visual art. Maddocks are proud to be part of this unique and diverse showcase, enriching the cultural landscape of greater Sydney.

      • PHOTO 2024 Festival

        Maddocks take pride to once again be a Major Partner of PHOTO2024 International Festival of Photography, being hosted in Melbourne in March 2024.

        PHOTO is Australia’s largest photography event and is delivered in collaboration with over 50 cultural, education, industry and Government partners.

        Maddocks continues to be at the forefront of promoting artistic expression and contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape of Australia.

      • Our Diversity & Inclusion Partnerships

        Our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to making a difference in the communities in which we operate, means there are opportunities for our people to play a greater role beyond their job title.

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