Government is responsible for improving the lives of all Australians. It does this at national, state and local levels while being constantly challenged to deliver key projects and programs in an efficient way while under tremendous scrutiny.

Our Government focus:

We know government at Maddocks.

Government, its agencies and authorities, must deal with the complex issues that arise when delivering legislation, services, programs and projects. We understand the intense scrutiny these government bodies face in achieving their mandates at a Commonwealth, state and local level.

Good government is essential to fostering vibrant and progressive communities across Australia. We have a strong track record in advising numerous government departments and authorities in helping them achieve their mandates – from conception of legislation through to tendering, procurement, probity and program delivery.

Our work involves advising a wide range of departments, agencies, ministers, public administrators and officials, parliamentary committees, statutory authorities and government-owned corporations.

Read on to find out more about our insights, information on our Commonwealth, State and Local Government work and our team’s capabilities.

  • "We are very cost conscious, as are our clients, and we continue to look to deliver pragmatic, solutions-focused and workable outcomes"

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