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The Australian privacy and information regulatory landscape is evolving at pace. Businesses and public sector agencies need to be confident that their information handling practices strengthens compliance and minimises reputational risks.

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Privacy protection and data security have increasingly become a priority as organisations become more data dependent. With the fast pace of technological change in the AI and general digital landscape, proactive advice from privacy and data law experts is key to avoiding scrutiny from regulators and the general public.

At Maddocks, our nationally recognised privacy, data & information law team is dedicated to making our advice on complex privacy, data and information law simple for our clients. We deliver practical, efficient, and timely advice tailored to meet your specific needs.

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  • Comprehensive Privacy and Information Law Services

    Our team offers a broad spectrum of privacy and information law services to both public sector agencies and businesses. Our services include:

    • Privacy Assessments: Conducting privacy threshold assessments (PTAs), privacy impact assessments (PIAs), and comprehensive privacy audits to ensure regulatory compliance.
    • Privacy Documentation: Crafting and reviewing essential privacy documents such as privacy policies, consent forms, collection notices, and data breach response plans to safeguard your organization's data.
    • Contractual Privacy Clauses: Drafting and reviewing privacy clauses for inclusion in service provider contracts to ensure data protection and compliance.
    • Data Sharing Agreements: Advising on and drafting data sharing agreements to facilitate secure and compliant data exchanges.
    • Privacy Query Resolution: Guiding organizations through the management and resolution of privacy queries and complaints.
    • Data Breach Response Plan: Assisting organizations in preparing for and managing data breaches effectively when they occur.
    • Regulatory Interactions: Offering support and representation in dealings with privacy regulators to address any compliance concerns.
    • Privacy Training: Providing comprehensive privacy training programs to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain compliance.
    • Comprehensive Privacy Law Consultation: Expert advice on Commonwealth, Australian State, and Territory privacy legislation compliance.
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) Services for Government Clients

    For our government clients, we specialize in managing Freedom of Information (FOI) processes seamlessly. Our expertise includes:

    • FOI Legislation Interpretation: Expert advice on Federal and State/Territory level FOI legislation to ensure compliance and transparency.
    • FOI Request Management: Managing the full cycle of FOI requests, from receipt to review by regulators, courts, and tribunals.
    • Strategic FOI Advice: Offering strategic advice and processing services to navigate complex FOI requests efficiently.

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