Workplace Health & Safety

Safety laws can be complex. If something goes wrong in the workplace, things can escalate quickly, aggressively and to a significant cost. Our approach is stop accidents happen, rather than wait for them to happen.

Our Workplace Health & Safety Expertise

If things go wrong – and they sometimes do – it’s absolutely crucial that our clients respond to safety issues with the utmost care and consideration, during what is undoubtedly a stressful time.

Our track record of supporting clients through some of Australia’s most high-profile workplace incidents you can be confident that we will help you sensitively handle the situation while also protecting both your reputation and legal interests.

Maddocks is acknowledged as experts in safety law, from regulatory compliance to employment and administrative law. We offer a full range of Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) and Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) services to our public and private sector clients.

We work with both WHS and OHS laws every day, meaning our team is fluent in our understanding of the issues that may arise. We use this knowledge to help stop accidents happen, rather than reacting to one.

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