Australia’s education sector drives investment and fosters skills and knowledge in innovation, research and collaboration, both within Australia and internationally.

Our Education Focus

Australia’s education sector is experiencing a period of growth. By 2025, it’s expected that the number of international students in Australian universities will increase by almost 4% each year. In the same time, the contribution of the sector to export earnings is set to double to A$33 billion.

This growth creates both opportunities and challenges for government and education providers.

Universities are looking to commercialise the intellectual property assets they generate by forming partnerships with the private sector.

Education providers are grappling with securing sustainable funding and maintaining positive revenue streams, while tackling practical operational issues such as the purchase or development of quality facilities to support students, including student housing.

At Maddocks, we work across the industry, offering legal and advisory services to universities, colleges, schools, government and regulators, as well as senior executives and in-house counsel.

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  • "Educational institutions are grapling with the implications of having to deliver services despite budgetary and resource constraints"

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