Your career begins on Day One

Find out what it’s like to work at Maddocks. We are looking for talented and ambitious students to join our Clerkship programs in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

The Clerkship

Our clerkship program is the first step for students seeking graduate positions. Discover what you excel at under guidance from seasoned professionals.

Experience & Responsibility

We give you the opportunity to shine in a supportive and collaborative team, led by accessible and friendly partners. Gain real-world experience through challenging and meaningful work for our clients.

Training & Development

The training you receive throughout the clerkship will ensure you are thoroughly prepared and ready to get involved in and contribute to client work straight away.

Rotations & Feedback

During the program you will rotate through two practice teams based on your preferences. You will receive regular feedback and advice from your coordinator, supervising partner and others you work with, plus a formal review at the end of each rotation.

Day one at Maddocks

Learn from recent Clerkship experiences.

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Meet recent grads

"I am grateful to work within an environment where my contribution is recognised and appreciated and where I feel empowered to achieve growth."

Sarah Himmelhoch

"The firm truly values diversity and the unique perspectives of all its staff and encourages you to pursue the areas of law which spark your interest."

Joseph Fox

"The firm actively encourages you to be passionate about the work you are doing and provides many opportunities to learn and grow as a professional and a person."

Amelia French

Experience working with our people.

During a Clerkship you will complete two rotations ordered by your preference.

Construction & Projects

Our Construction & Projects team advises on building and infrastructure issues, including project procurement and documentation and dispute resolution. Develop an understanding of the legal issues facing many of our clients in this sector.

Corporate & Commercial

Our Corporate & Commercial team works in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, technology media and telecommunications, financial services and many more. Develop an understanding of how transactions and commercial arrangements ensure positive commercial outcomes for our clients.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Our Dispute Resolution & Litigation team advises clients on strategies available to them if they are involved in a dispute. Get a first-hand understanding of litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes that affects our clients.

Employment & Workplace

Our Employment & Workplace team advises our clients on all aspects of the laws that govern the workplace. Gain insight into the ever changing legal requirements and how to assist clients in this field.

Government Advisory

We advise local, state and Commonwealth departments and agencies on administrative and public law issues. Find out how we advise our government clients with their portfolio responsibilities and day-to-day operational requirements.

Property & Development

Our Property & Development team advises on some of the country's most significant commercial, industrial and residential transactions. Learn how we set strategies to efficiently counter real and potential risks for our client base.

The Graduate Program

Our graduate program is the next step in your career at Maddocks. We carefully select our clerks with the intention that they will become our graduate lawyers.

You will be mentored and supported at every stage of your career development. This will enable you to develop both your technical legal skills and business acumen on a diverse range of complex and interesting projects.

Our orientation program is designed to ensure you will be ready to settle into your practice teams straight away. It consists of a practical legal training program with the College of Law and a Maddocks induction program.

You will be allocated a buddy and coordinator to help you navigate your graduate year. You will rotate through 3 practice teams, giving you the opportunity to explore different areas and help find the right match for you.

Life at Maddocks

It's important to have fun and experience life at Maddocks through a range of social and sporting activities.

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Dates to remember

Application tips

Get to know us

It is important to do your research to understand who our clients are, our practice areas, our culture and values.

Be prepared

Take the time to prepare your application. Check spelling and grammar and ensure you have answered the questions that have been asked, attention to detail is critical.

Show us who you are

Tell us about your experiences, your interests or hobbies outside of university and work, where you have demonstrated leadership and responsibility.

Develop your network

Find out as much about us as you can, speak to our people, attend clerkship events and ask questions about things that are important to you.

Application Criteria

In your penultimate year

4-8 weeks for the program

Undergraduate in law or JD program

Work in Melbourne, Canberra or Sydney office

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