Businesses selling consumer goods and services by operating local, national or international distribution networks need strategic, specialised advice on the application of the Franchising Code.

Our expertise

Our industry leading franchising lawyers have significant experience advising a number of the largest and fastest growing franchising networks operating in Australia. Our expertise lies in assisting these networks establish and develop their systems successfully.

Our clients operate local, national and international distribution networks at a wholesale and retail level, for consumer goods and services. Our franchising lawyers have in-depth industry knowledge at local, national and international levels, in key industries including food and beverage, motor vehicle, health and pharmaceuticals, household FMCG and luxury goods.

We advise on the application of the Franchising Code and have specialist expertise in its content and application. Our clients regularly rely on us to ensure their franchise agreements are enforced, to navigate the mediation process, and to implement network changes thoughtfully.

A key strength of our practice is our profound understanding of the nuances of effectively engaging with franchisees. Our comprehensive grasp of the regulatory environment enables us to deliver prompt and cost-effective legal and strategic advice.

In the event of disputes within franchise networks, our lawyers recognise the importance of strategic action and decisiveness. We support and assist our clients at any stage of the dispute resolution process, aiming to resolve issues swiftly and facilitate the restoration of harmonious relationships. Our goal is to minimise friction and get our clients’ franchise network back on track efficiently, cost effectively and with minimal disruption to our clients’ businesses.

We are strong believers in consultation, negotiation and mediation as sensible methods by which disputes can be avoided or resolved without litigation. If a dispute is unable to be resolved, our experienced team is on hand to provide strategic, sophisticated and pragmatic litigation services throughout the litigation life cycle, with a proven track-record in conducting large-scale and significant litigation on behalf of franchisors. Our team also regularly liaises with regulators, such as the ACCC and ASIC ensuring our advice is informed and cognisant of their compliance priorities.

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