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What Maddocks is doing to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

By Michelle Dixon

• 06 April 2020 • 1 min read

Maddocks is very well prepared to protect our people, our clients and visitors to our offices from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

(Updated 2 April 2020)

Health and planning

We initiated business continuity and health planning in mid-February.

This means that:

  • We have required self-isolation from any Partners or staff who have travelled overseas to any countries where there was any community transmission or concerns about reporting
  • We have deferred all non-essential work travel interstate or overseas
  • We have instituted a range of hygiene arrangements in our offices for staff and visitors.

Our services to clients

We continue to provide a seamless service to our clients.

Our legal and legal support staff can work remotely and have been since Friday, 20 March.

We are fully prepared if our offices are closed and all our teams need to work remotely.

We are:

  • Cancelling all Maddocks public-facing events for the next two months, and using alternative ways to meet or conduct seminars
  • Asking visitors to our offices to register their details in case they need to be contacted at a later date
  • Using our platforms for the safe and quick exchange of documents.

As this situation is constantly evolving, we will update this page periodically to reflect changes to these measures.

Further information

Maddocks has produced guides to a range of legal issues raised by the coronavirus (COVID-19). You can access these guides here.

By Michelle Dixon

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