About Patrick

Patrick is a commercial lawyer and administrative law practitioner who advises governments on the procurement of ICT products and services, and advises on statutory frameworks including privacy and secrecy laws and the requirements of government programme legislation.

Patrick has extensive experience in providing legal and probity advice on government procurements, drafting commercial contracts, conducting complex contract negotiations, advising on the construction of complex commercial contracts, resolving contract management issues and conducting alternative dispute resolution in relation to such contracts. Patrick is also experienced in law reform, legislative amendment and legal policy development.


  • Telecommunications Services

    Advised the Commonwealth Department of Human Services in transitioning to a managed telecommunications solution, resolved contractual disputes arising between the parties during that transition and led a strategic renegotiation of the Managed Telecommunications Services Contract following the completion of transition. Also, advised Services Australia on the procurement of its future telecommunications platform.

  • Welfare Payments Infrastructure Transformation (WPIT)

    Negotiated and drafted contracts underpinning the WPIT project for the Commonwealth Department of Human Services, establishing a panel of systems integrators and the engagement of a core software vendor.

  • myGov

    Advised the Commonwealth Department of Human Services on the establishment of the agency’s online service delivery channel (myGov), drafted and negotiated agreements with Commonwealth, State and Territory government agencies as relying parties.

  • eHealth

    Advised the Commonwealth Department of Human Services on the establishment of the Healthcare Identifier Service and the National Authentication Service for Health; respectively, the identification system and public key infrastructure that underpin Government’s e-health programs.

  • Uniform Evidence Laws

    Advised the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, working in collaboration with State and Territory counter-parts, to reform national model evidence laws and develop legislation to amend the Evidence Act 1995 (Cth), including the introduction of journalist shield laws.

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