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Employment & Workplace: Spotlight Series 2024

• 10 April 2024 • 1 min read
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Our Employment, Safety and People team are delighted to share our 2024 Spotlight Series.

Last year, the Secure Jobs Better Pay Act introduced some of the most momentous reforms to Australia’s employment landscape since the introduction of the Fair Work Act itself. This year, the two Closing Loopholes Acts will drive further transformation in an attempt to close the ‘loopholes’ that the Government says undermine pay and working conditions in Australia.

Our Spotlight Series this year will focus on two new Closing Loopholes Acts, as well as practical steps employers can take in relation to the Respect@Work changes and positive duties obligations, and over four sessions our Employment, Safety and People team will break down these changes.

Each Spotlight Series session is designed to break down complicated topics into bite sized chunks so you and your HR/IR and in-house teams can upskill quickly and efficiently.

Our presenters

Summaries and resources related to the Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series Session 1 | Employee Entitlements

In our first Spotlight Series virtual session, you will learn practical and actionable insights into new employee entitlements.

Recording & resources

Spotlight Series Session 2 | Labour Hire and the Gig Economy

Thursday 30 May 2024. In our second Spotlight Series, you will learn about employers’ obligations in relation to labour hire and the gig economy and how to meet them.

Discover more

Spotlight Series Session 3

Coming soon: 12 June 2024

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