Amy Chase

Senior Associate

About Amy

Amy is a commercial lawyer whose primary focus is Commonwealth procurement and contracting. Amy provides legal services and advice in relation to a range of complex, high-value matters, including drafting of contracts, approach to market documentation, negotiation support, advice in respect of high-value procurements, and advice on issues such as intellectual property rights, licensing and legislative/policy compliance.


  • Services Australia
    • Provided negotiation support and prepared contract variations and multiple change orders of varying complexity for the agency’s Entitlement Calculation Engine as part of the recently concluded Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation programme.
    • Supported the Digital Identity programme in the Digital Identity Legislation Working Group, including reviewing the draft legislation package and coordinating consultation across multiple business areas on areas of potential legal risk.
    • Advised the agency’s Interim Oversight Authority on the establishment of their new Data Sharing Framework by instructing preparation of privacy impact assessments with an external adviser to consider key risks that arose for the agency, particularly around the collection, use and storage of customers’ personal information and identifying steps the agency could take regarding the handling of protected information consistent with the legislation the agency operates under.
    • Drafting and advising on contract documentation for the Centrelink Call Centre Enhancement Initiative, including activation work orders and statements of requirement.
    • Drafting and advising on the procurement process for the Tape Modernisation project, including drafting non-compliance tables and reports to provide an analysis of legal risks presented by Tenderer responses.
    • Drafting and advising on the MTS extension, including assisting with the assessment of legal risk in the drafting of the Statements of Work.
  • Department of Defence
    • Advising on the procurement of, drafting contract documentation for, and providing negotiation support for the provision of academic and research services for the Australian Defence Force Academy. This included providing advice in respect of contingent liabilities, application of Commonwealth policy and the integration of updated Defence security policies.
    • Reviewing contract documentation and advising on the JP9711-1 Core Simulation Capability procurement.
    • Drafting and advising on the change proposal to extend and vary the sustainment contract for the AIR-87 Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter project.
  • Department of Health
    • Drafting and advising on contract documentation for the National Data Exchange component of the Real Time Prescription Monitoring System. This includes drafting the contract with the service provider for the build and implementation of the system, drafting the tripartite agreements between the Department of Health, the individual States and Territories and the service provider for implementation nation-wide, providing advice in respect of privacy and data access and providing advice and drafting a briefing paper on mechanisms for allocation of the aggregate liability cap across all States and Territories and the Commonwealth.
    • In approximately a six-month period, drafting over 200 contracts, deeds of variation, deeds of standing offer and official orders under those deeds of standing offer to assist the Department with its COVID-19 response, including the setup of temporary respiratory clinics, arrangements for COVID-19 testing, the supply of surge workforce staff in aged care facilities (both with private companies and with other States and Territories) and the supply of surge clinical waste management services to aged care facilities.
    • Preparing and finalising a contract to address requirements to perform COVID-19 testing on Parliamentarians and their staff, including producing a deed of variation to extend the testing arrangements to residents of the homes in which Parliamentarians are engaging in quarantine.
    • Preparing and finalising a funding agreement for activities related to the Quality Use of Medicines program, including assisting with negotiations with the Grantee, drafting a deed of variation to the executed funding agreement and an IP Register to address intellectual property concerns and to address requirements to adjust milestones due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Drafting and advising on a Work Order under the Digital Marketplace Master Agreement for the provision of a solution to allow health professionals to refer and track referrals as part of the My Aged Care system and supporting negotiations with the preferred supplier.
  • Digital Transformation Agency
    • Drafting and providing procurement advice for the contract and RFT documentation for the whole of government Telecommunications Marketplace panel, including drafting the order form and appropriate guidance to sit under the Deed of Standing Offer, reviewing and advising on the various category terms and advising on the application of the Indigenous Procurement Policy to a panel arrangement.
    • Drafting and providing procurement advice for the contract and RFT documentation for the Hardware Marketplace panel, including assisting with the evaluation of tenderer non-compliance statements and drafting the order form and appropriate guidance to sit under the Deed of Standing Offer.

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