About Angelina

Angelina is a commercial lawyer who primarily advises on complex, high-value and high-profile Commonwealth procurements and contracts, including key service delivery contracts for the Commonwealth. Angelina regularly provides legal and probity support for Commonwealth agencies, including advising on and developing procurement and grant documentation, evaluating tender compliance issues, advising on negotiation strategies, and managing agency stakeholders. From her experience working in and with Commonwealth agencies, Angelina has in-depth understanding of government programs, processes and requirements.


  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand

    Assisting Food Standards Australia New Zealand to develop a national branded food database, which collates nutritional information into a consolidated database that can be used by a range of entities including the public. Assistance included advising on a negotiation strategy and drafting updates to the contract to ensure the provision of the solution was legally robust.

  • Australian Digital Health Agency

    Advising the Australian Digital Health Agency on its procurement for a cloud-hosting provider and transition provider to host and manage the critical My Health Record system. Angelina prepared and advised on the procurement and contractual documentation, assisted the Agency to evaluate tenderer legal non-compliance, and to negotiate the contract.

  • Digital Transformation Agency

    Advising the Digital Transformation Agency on the whole-of-government ICT panel agreements, including for telecommunication services, cloud services, and hardware, and major vendor agreements.

  • Services Australia

    Advising Services Australia on a range of ICT procurement and contracts, including procurement for mainframe infrastructure solutions, a customer experience measurement system, and ICT labour hire services. Angelina worked closely with stakeholders to ensure that any legal and probity risks were identified and appropriately managed.

  • A Commonwealth agency

    Undertaking a complaint investigation under the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018 (GPJR Act) during the Commonwealth agency's multi-stage procurement of a significant online platform. Angelina conducted a detailed review of the technical and complex material to prepare a comprehensive investigation report, in accordance with the GPJR Act.

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