About Leigh

Leigh is a taxation specialist with experience advising Australian and multinational companies, high net worth individuals, accountants and financial advisers on all areas of taxation law. He specialises in structuring of businesses and transactions, M&A, corporate reorganisations and distributions, sale of businesses, demergers, capital raisings, property transactions, inbound and outbound international tax and succession planning and liquidations.

Leigh has also been at the forefront in developing tax-effective corporate, trust and superannuation structures.


  • Revenue law advice

    Extensive experience advising in all areas of revenue law with a particular focus on ATO audit activities, the application of the capital gains tax and stamp duty provisions to specific transactions, the rules governing superannuation and the structuring issues in light of the relevant payroll tax provisions

  • Structuring business ventures

    Extensive experience advising in structuring business ventures to ensure that the vehicle adopted is tax effective and appropriate from an asset protection standpoint

  • Non-profit organisations

    Advises a number of large non-profit organisations in relation to structuring ancillary business ventures or in convincing the relevant revenue authorities that the organisation has the requisite non-profit or charitable purposes to entitle it to any relevant concessionary taxation treatment

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