About Samantha

Samantha specialises in planning and environmental law. She advises Commonwealth, State and Local Government and private sector clients on a range of matters, including planning approval processes, biodiversity, environmental liabilities, contaminated land, Crown land, native title, Aboriginal cultural heritage and water law.

Samantha holds a Master of Environmental Law and has a particular interest in biodiversity and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Her expertise in environmental law is complemented by her extensive experience advising on government decision making, civil and administrative litigation and contract drafting. Her unique combination of experience enables Samantha to produce detailed and comprehensive advice, whilst retaining a broader focus on her clients’ overall objectives and assisting to identify and proactively manage associated risks.


  • Climate change

    Samantha has a keen interest in climate change law and how legal developments in this area impact on Government clients. In addition to considering these issues extensively through her studies, Samantha’s experience includes advising private sector clients on emissions reporting and the assessment of scope three greenhouse gas emissions in planning approval processes and advising Government clients on assessment requirements applying to adaptation activities.

  • Government decision making

    Samantha works extensively with our Government clients, advising on environmental assessment and approval processes, including in relation to mining leases and mine rehabilitation, approvals under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, Aboriginal cultural heritage and law reform proposals. Samantha has also drafted various Government agreements in relation to land access and the conservation of biodiversity.

  • Planning approval processes

    Samantha advises various Government and private sector clients on the environmental assessment requirements for developments. This includes reviewing environmental impact assessments and advising on assessment processes, biodiversity offsetting requirements and Commonwealth assessment requirements for matters of national environmental significance.

  • Environmental liabilities and contaminated land

    Advising Government and private sector clients in relation to potential liabilities for environmental incidents and historical contamination, including responding to regulatory notices and contractual and tortious claims.

  • Civil and administrative litigation

    Advising Government clients in judicial review proceedings in the NSW Land and Environment Court and Federal Court of Australia concerning administrative decision making, including in relation to the grant of a mining lease, development consent, water licencing decisions and biodiversity offset conditions. Samantha has also acted in merits review proceedings in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and civil disputes in the NSW Supreme Court and Federal Court of Australia.

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