About Amber

Amber advises and acts for both private and public sector employers in the areas of workplace health and safety (WHS) and employment law. In her role at Maddocks, Amber advises and acts for both private and public sector areas of workplace health and safety, employment and anti-discrimination. Her experience includes advising clients responding to safety regulator improvement notices, investigating workplace incidents, and advising clients following workplace deaths or other significant workplace incidents, including any Coronial inquest that may follow.

Prior to joining Maddocks, Amber worked for the Government Legal Department in the UK, advising on private law litigation for the Ministry of Defence. Amber developed specialised experience conducting high value private litigation for government departments, including Coronial inquests, medical negligence and personal injury.


  • Workplace Health and Safety

    Advises clients regularly in the critical period following serious workplace incidents, including workplace death.

    Advises regarding policies, procedures, contractual arrangements and systems of work to ensure compliance with workplace health and safety laws.

  • Workplace Investigations and complaint handling

    Advises employers (including local councils and government bodies) on all aspects of workplace grievances and employee misconduct, including investigations into allegations of bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination, and assisting clients with the next steps following the investigation.

  • Coronial Inquests

    Assisting clients named as interested parties in coronial inquests. This includes assisting clients to respond to requests for information from the Coroner, navigating the Coronial process, preparing statements and reviewing inquest briefs, and as providing advice regarding potential exposure for clients.

  • Dispute resolution and litigation

    Acting for clients prosecuted over health and safety breaches including advising clients in dealings with the Regulator before charges are brought.

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