Cindy Malifa

General Manager

About Cindy

With a career that spans 25 years in the field of Management and Business Development within the Information Technology industry, Cindy brings a wealth of expertise to the team. Her decade-long experience in business consulting adds depth to her profile, while almost three years working in Local Government enriches her diverse portfolio. She has also worked across various sectors including Corporate, Government, and Not-for-Profit organisations.

Cindy’s approach is service-led with a solutions-based mindset. Her dedication to understanding the unique subtleties of each industry she engages with ensures that she can deliver optimal service and solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs.

With an unrelenting emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement, Cindy consistently strives to find novel methods to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. Her multifaceted skillset and forward-thinking approach make her an invaluable asset to Maddocks Recoveries.

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