About Mark

Mark is an accredited specialist in administrative law. For over three decades he has advised Government and various public authorities on the full range of administrative law issues. His experience and expertise extends to contracts (and procurement more generally), tortious liability (particularly in defamation and negligence), delegations, Victoria’s integrity framework, rating and local government elections.

Mark has lectured in Local Government Law in Monash University’s postgraduate program, and is currently preparing an on-line service associated with the Local Government Act 2020. He has twice served as the Firm’s Partnership Chairman.

Mark is also the co-leader of the firm's Local Government Victoria sector team.


  • Advisory

    Advising on statutory interpretation (with particular reference to the Local Government Act 1989, Local Government Act 2020, Road Management Act 2004, Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012, and Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014), contract, tort, rating and local government elections.

  • Litigation

    Acting for Parks Victoria in Federal Court proceedings concerned with the presence of brumbies in national parks, and advising and representing various Victorian councils in judicial review proceedings in the Victorian Supreme Court and High Court of Australia.

  • Transactional

    Drafting and advising on contracts for an array of public bodies, and advising on legal aspects of other commercial arrangements being entered into by such bodies.

  • Drafting

    Drafting local laws and a range of other legislative instruments, as well as administrative instruments (such as instruments of delegation and authorisation).

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