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Defining Matters

By Mark Hayes

• 08 April 2020 • 1 min read
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The Maddocks Local Government team works alongside Victorian councils in assisting them to deliver better services for communities. Working with local government has been a cornerstone of the firm since it was founded in 1885 and it continues to be a focal point for the business.

Defining Matters 2022

With this wealth of experience comes an enormous library of knowledge. We have curated and compiled a range of experiences in order for you to learn, manage or pre-empt similar issues within your own municipalities.

We have now published the 2022 edition of Defining Matters, a wrap up of major matters for Victorian councils.

This publication highlights some of the more significant issues and work our legal teams have delivered to our Victorian local government clients over the past 12 months.

The team is committed to serving the ongoing needs of local government clients in Victoria and hope that the information contained in this publication is informative, relevant and helpful.

Previous editions

Want to catch up on local government issues from previous years? Download past editions of Defining Matters here.

Looking for more information on managing issues in your own municipality?

Get in touch with the Local Government VIC team.

By Mark Hayes

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