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Major Projects Guidance for Local Government

• 27 February 2020 • 1 min read
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As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our local government clients, we will be releasing an updated ‘Major Project Guidance for Local Government’ publication later this year. The new edition will reflect changes in legislation and policy guidelines since the first edition and will be shorter, focusing only on Victorian councils. If you would like to pre-register to receive a copy, please fill out the form below.

The successful delivery of major infrastructure projects is a challenging task for all levels of government, and local government is no exception. Budgetary pressures and ever increasing community expectations means projects need to be planned and delivered more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Councils are looking for value for money in overall project solutions as well as the transaction costs of developing a project.

Maddocks has partnered with Ernst & Young to develop this guidance material (the Major Projects Guidance for Local Government).

The Major Projects Guidance for Local Government sets out a best practice procurement framework for the delivery of major infrastructure projects by local government. It has been prepared specifically for local government in Australia, and is designed to take into account the unique financial, legislative and political constraints on local government in each State and Territory.

For more information, contact Special Counsel Tara Chandler-Scott

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