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MG-15: New requirements under the Building Act

By Vujan Krunic

• 06 October 2023 • 1 min read
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What Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors need to know.

On 21 September 2023, the Minister for Planning issued a new guideline under section 188(1)(c) of the Building Act 1993 - Minister’s Guideline 15: Remediation Work Proposals for Mitigating Cladding Risk for Buildings Containing Combustible External Cladding (MG-15).

Municipal Building Surveyors and Private Building Surveyors must have regard to MG-15 when fulfilling their respective functions under the Building Act and the Building Regulations in connection with Combustible External Cladding.

MG-15 applies to certain Class 2 and 3 buildings which have Combustible External Cladding. MBS’ and PBS’ must have regard to MG-15, the Cladding Risk Mitigation Framework (CRMF), and any information, advice or support provided by Cladding Safety Victoria or the Department of Transport and Planning.

The new guideline is part of the Cladding Remediation Partnership Program between the Department, CSV, local councils and building owners which is focusing on assisting owners where there is Combustible External Cladding but it presents a lower risk.

MG-15 and the CRMF reflect the Victorian Government’s established approach to risk and are based on technical tools developed by CSV. The new guideline will help reduce costs borne by affected owners when addressing cladding risk while improving building safety.

More information, including a copy of MG-15 and the CRMF is available here:

Should you have any queries about how this change impacts you please contact Simone Holding or Vujan Krunic.

By Vujan Krunic

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