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Privacy Awareness Week 2024

• 06 May 2024 • 2 min read
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Privacy Awareness Week: 6-12 May 2024

Maddocks powers up for Privacy Awareness Week 2024, with a focus on supporting clients to take proactive steps to embed a culture of privacy in their organisations.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)’s campaign for 2024 focuses on the principles of transparency, accountability, and security. These principles are core to any privacy framework whether you are a listed entity, government agency, or a private organisation.

As the Australian Government commits to updating the Privacy Act to account for rapid technological developments, now is the time for organisations and agencies to fortify their privacy practices. Whilst we understand that businesses and agencies are faced with a plethora of competing interests, the Maddocks privacy, data and cyber team encourage you to prioritise privacy and data protection in the coming months as we continue to see an increase in data breaches.

Importantly we encourage all of our clients to be proactive in embedding a culture of privacy in their organisations. On data breach or cyber incident that we work on, it is always the organisations that have a proactive stance on privacy and data protection and who embed a culture of privacy in their organisations, that have the most successful outcomes.

To assist you to take some proactive steps this Privacy Awareness Week we have created some videos that take you through some tips for privacy best practice in your organisation.

Maddocks priority privacy tips

    • Privacy considerations for new ICT projects

      • "A cyberattack is reported every six minutes in Australia and clients are struggling to keep up with what personal information they handle, where to start when it comes to measuring privacy compliance maturity and constant reforms."

        Sonia Sharma,
        Partner, Technology
        To assist our clients to power up their privacy and adapt their privacy frameworks, policies and governance to rapid technological change, we are excited to launch our new product ADAPT by Maddocks.

        ADAPT is a product that streamlines your internal privacy governance by using a digital tool that can be shared with relevant stakeholders across the business to help you pull together a holistic understanding of potential compliance gaps and your privacy posture and maturity. Our expert team of privacy, data and cyber lawyers at Maddocks will use this information to provide you with a gap analysis which will help to identify potential privacy risks in your organisation in respect of the Privacy Act.

        From our deep experience advising clients on privacy issues, we know that it’s critical for a business to have a baseline understanding of its information handling practices across its organisation – and this is the main purpose of ADAPT. In short the new tool will assist clients to:

        • Understand how their organisation is collecting personal information
        • Gain comprehensive information about their information handling practices
        • Understand the gaps in privacy compliance under the Privacy Act and how to address them
        • Gain training in for common privacy related issues.

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