About Claire

Claire works on commercial, contract and administrative law matters, primarily advising clients from the public and not-for-profit sectors. Claire is experienced in drafting government contracts and works extensively for Victorian Government departments and agencies. Claire also has considerable experience advising Commonwealth Government departments and agencies during her time in the Maddocks’ Canberra office, providing advice on matters across the full procurement lifecycle including market engagement, market approach, evaluation and resolution of complaints and disputes. Her areas of practice include contracts and procurement, ICT, compliance and probity.


  • Greater Western Water

    Advising on the integration of City West Water and Western Region Water Corporation to form GWW, including in relation to the conduct of the transfer under the Water Act, and the transfer all contracts, properties, assets and liabilities from Western Water to GWW, and preparing updated agreements to combine contracting processes and positions to reflect GWW’s operations as a new entity.

  • V/Line Corporation

    Acted for V/Line, including during a secondment, in relation to the review of V/Line’s compliance with VGPB and legislative obligations and redrafting of V/Line’s template agreements and policies for use in a wide variety of projects.

  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (Australian Antarctic Division)

    Acted for the Department's multi-state procurement for the design and construction of a runway at Davis Research Station to allow year-round aviation access to Antarctica.

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