Defining Matters | March 2023

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Defining Matters 2023 - March 2023 edition by Maddocks

As we move into 2023 and post-pandemic life continues to unfold, there are new developments and challenges for the local government sector to navigate. Despite some uncertainty, these obstacles are not without opportunities to work more collaboratively and efficiently in serving the communities and residents you represent.

In Defining Matters, we share our experience and a breadth of knowledge within the sector to encourage greater efficiencies, improved understandings, and more seamless ways of working. It is about defining the key issues to assist Victoria’s local government to develop and go beyond community expectations.

In this, our 4th edition, we provide updates on consultation requirements and approvals for temporary crisis accommodation, and we explore the lessons learnt from recent supply chain issues. We also provide our view on the complexities surrounding the introduction of Windfall Gains Tax.

With a long history of advising and supporting councils across Victoria, Maddocks is deeply committed to serving and advocating for our local government clients. We hope you find the information and insights in our new publication both thought-provoking and relevant, and trust that it will make a difference.

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